Anthem, Arizona

Before our dear sister, Cathy, departed San Diego for Arizona before departing for Maryland on a cross-country road trip, dear sister Amy had the grand idea of taking the weekend off to visit her in Anthem, Arizona (where the in-laws reside). I had already been in the summer, but this would be Amy’s first time there and one last way to prolong our separation.

Here are highlights from my last visit, June 29 – July 4:

Arizona was hot hot hot, so our activities were very family-friendly, water-oriented. There was Nana’s pool/spa, the splash pad, and the water park (visited twice). We were also fortunate enough to visit Sedona’s red rocks and Flagstaff’s cool/cold/creepy Lava River Cave for some good ol’ spelunking. To finish off our trip, we were able to watch the Independence Day fireworks from the backyard.

This time, Amy and I only had 2 full days in Anthem and we didn’t have any other agenda besides spending time with family and helping out with the move in any way possible. In the end, we spent both of our days going to Farmers’ Markets, shopping, and splashing in the hot tub!

We considered going to Scottsdale on Saturday night–apparently it’s THE place to party and Cathy had spent many a nights of her pre-motherhood youth there–but the drive would have been one hour, one way and it was a tad nippy outside. Amy and I were quite indifferent, so we opted for a night in with the others playing Heads Up and bonding with Dave and Jill, who were also visiting the same weekend. We all watched The Martian, which was MARSvelous… aMARSing! Even Guy couldn’t help but stay up to watch with us despite his 5:00am alarm.

Saying goodbye to the girls (Kara and Brynn) was hard because of the struggle for their attention (think: SQUIRREL!) and the craving for reciprocal affection. Amy and I would take turns saying bye to each of the girls–I would say bye to Kara while Amy said bye to Brynn, and vice versa. But by the time we finished our conversation and hugs with one, the other had too little patience for another heartfelt goodbye!

Between all of their trips to San Diego and the final Anthem farewell, we were able to get a lot of snuggles in though (with Cathy AND the girls). We didn’t do much of our usual travel tourist outings, but it was a great trip and soo worth the drive.


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UC San Diego grad with a double major in Economics and International Business. I was born and raised in sunny San Diego, but I love to travel (and eat) around the world.

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