La Jolla, Reunited

The end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 have brought about an unexpected, but pleasant, number of reunions. Lots of Fudan friends in other cities (LA, Vegas), a couple of San Diego visits from UCSD friends, and a homecoming from Florida. It’d been months and years since I’d seen some of them.

I especially love when friends come to visit my hometown and I have more incentive to do touristy things shamelessly. The latest visitor: 

Ecuador, Spring Break 2013

Tim! We traveled to the Amazon and back together in 2013 with Alternative Breaks at UC San Diego. I dragged him out to all kinds of volunteer events and he even helped prepare me for my driving test…

He was in town for a med school interview, so we met up at La Jolla Shores and admired the San Diego sunset (which he hadn’t seen in a couple years).

We were both severely unprepared for a beachside stroll, but took pictures at Scripps pier before heading to El Pescador Fish Market for some underwhelming self-proclaimed “West coast best” clam chowder and fish sandwiches.


To end the night, we met up with a couple of my friends at In Cahoots for some GOOD OL’ LINE DANCING! If you asked Tim what plans he had for the night in San Diego, this would have NEVER crossed his mind. But I dragged him out anyway!

They have no cover and free dance lessons at 6:30pm Thursdays, so we went and struggled with one of the partner dance lessons from the second floor while Victoria and Shaquille ate. We threw ourselves out onto the dance floor for a couple of the dances that seemed easy(er) to learn. Some of the moves were familiar because of hip hop and West African Dance classes I took at UCSD. But it is haaaard to try to hide in the back and learn-by-doing because you’re always spinning around and turning in a different direction. And then you’re in the front where you can’t see anyone else, but EVERYONE can see how lost you are. (Most people are nice and will try to help you out though.)

If you enjoy country music and/or synchronized dancing, check out In Cahoots. Heck, even if you don’t. Go and check it out at least once. It’s a whole new world, and it’s fascinating.


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UC San Diego grad with a double major in Economics and International Business. I was born and raised in sunny San Diego, but I love to travel (and eat) around the world.

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