Emily’s Weekend Itinerary in SD

Emily came into San Diego for the weekend to visit, and we had a surprisingly jam-packed agenda.

Here’s what made it memorable:

Little Italy Mercato – Farmers’ Market

Every Saturday from 8am-2pm, rain or shine.

As with most farmers’ markets, I found myself sampling all the hummus and salsa and awkwardly walking away. I actually bought some Heat Bitchin’ Sauce, so I’m not a total crook.

Joseph wanted Emily to try uni for the first time, so they bought some from one of the stands… It wasn’t a very good sea urchin. Very bitter, and they didn’t really clean it out thoroughly.

I got the mango chili lemonade and some chocolate nibs.

Mission Trails hike: Kway Paay peak

By the time we all got to Mission Trails, it was already about 4pm. We originally intended to hike Fortuna Mtn, but along the way saw a nice little trail on the left side leading up a hill. It was only 1.2 mi to the summit (2.5 mi total), so more doable in the time we had.

Most of us were wearing Nikes – not the best footwear. Slippery/sandy and steep at moments. I would recommend hiking boots, if you have them.

The view was great, and we had a nice breeze at the top.

Tasty Noodle House

I have been here a few times by now, but always with family. It was nostalgic eating Shanghai cuisine with friends I studied abroad with in Shanghai – especially the shengjianbao and xiaolongbao. (Old photos from my bday for food portrayal purposes.)

Cafe Hielo


We bought a Groupon for Cafe Hielo and got some shaved snow. Mango cheesecake and strawberry green tea with condensed milk on the side.


Anyone else on Untappd? 

Common Theory, Modern Times, Blarney’ Stone Pub

Common Theory’s soju cocktail (second from the left, top row) was pretty tasty, as well as the red tart one. I ordered the Hellacious Guava – meh.

We went to the Modern Times Lomaland Fermentorium in Point Loma, followed by a brief visit to the sex shop that’s connected to the strip club…

And then we ended up at an Irish pub, where they had some live performers.

Tacos El Gordo


Somehow, Emily had never been to Tacos El Gordo. The line on a Sunday afternoon at 1-2pm: pretty long. But, as always, crowd favorites were the al pastor/adobada (with pineapple) and lengua (tongue).

Mission Beach


We had some time before heading to the airport, so we took a quick stroll by Mission Beach and Belmont Park.


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UC San Diego grad with a double major in Economics and International Business. I was born and raised in sunny San Diego, but I love to travel (and eat) around the world.

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