More San Diego Weekend Adventures

The last week of January was, again, unexpectedly full of adventure.

North Park

On Friday night,

I hung out with Amy and her friend’s friends. We went to Coin-Op in North Park first. If you’ve never been, it’s a bar with food, drinks, and arcade games. Our favorites are basketball and beer pong. Amy and I had one really intense b-ball match – the photo doesn’t show because the game glitched at the end, but she got 112 points and I got 104 points.

We decided to hop over to Hammond’s for a little ice cream flight. I always feel weird sampling at least 4 different flavors, but they must know they do it to themselves by offering 32 flavors at a time.

We enjoyed some beer and music at The Office (next door to Coin-Op), and ended the night with a good ol’ California burrito at Saguaro’s.

The great thing about North Park – there are so many hip things to do, and they’re all within walking distance.



Morning Jog

Amy, Joseph, and I are planning to run the Triton 5k in April so I agreed to start training by doing a morning jog by Mission Bay. It’s a nice place to run, with people of all ages there on a Saturday morning strolling, running, doing yoga.

Tuna Harbor Dockside Market

The Tuna Harbor Dockside Market is a local seafood market by the Port of San Diego that is open on Saturday mornings from 8am-about 1pm. The weekly catch features local seafood caught through responsible fishing practices by San Diego fisherpeople.

You can buy whole fresh fish, frozen pieces that are already cut, live crab, live sea urchin, and whatever else they catch that morning. I believe you can also get your whole fish cut there.

There’s not much to eat at the market, except uni on the half shell (kind of pricey at $12 for half), uni scrambles/a couple other variations, and poke.

We decided to buy the live sea urchin and take it home to crack open and prepare. It was a lot cheaper, and a cool experience.

It was pretty difficult for me to grab the sea urchin to move it… While I was struggling, Joseph just intercepted my spoon-picker-up-technique and scooped it up with his 2 (gloved) hands.

To open: we used 2 spoons, put them back-to-back in the center of the sea urchin, and pressed them down and against each other.


We used gloves most of the time – it can stain and you don’t want to get poked. We gently used a spoon to scrape the gonads (ok, it seems less appetizing when you call them like it is) off the shell, and picked them up to rinse them off with water.

It was a bit time-consuming to pick off all the gunk inside, but I was also working more slowly and cautiously. The guys at the dockside market use a plastic squeeze condiment bottle filled with water to spray the uni clean, and pick off the gunk that’s left after.

Joseph ate one whole, and Amy and I shared the other. In my opinion, eating half of the sea urchin by myself was too much (although it was better than the uni from the Farmers’ Market last week).

Mission Trails – Fortuna Mountain

Even though we already ran in the morning, we planned a hike with two other friends at Fortuna Mountain… 6 miles.

One of the guys has been to Mission Trails tons of times, so he was really familiar with how to get to the beginning of the trail. There didn’t seem to be many marked paths; I have no idea how I would have navigated without him leading…

Before we even began, I was exhausted from the morning run and dreading the incline. The entire thing was an uphill struggle for me (it probably would have been fine if it was my first bit of exercise for the day – but, alas, ’twas not). To make things worse, it was sandy and steep so it was rough on my ankles (I’ve had ankle problems from longboarding before) and I was worried about falling half of the time.

I tried loading some music on my phone (I just upgraded to an iPhone 6s from my iPhone 4s (!)), but Apple Radio wouldn’t load and I settled with replaying a couple songs on YouTube. On the way down, I started playing the full If Only You Were Lonely album from Hawthorne Heights in preparation for the upcoming concert I was to be attending, and then Sum 41 songs. It was a huge throwback, and I was surprised by how many of the lyrics I remembered.

The uphill battle seemed never-ending. When we finally did reach the peak, I almost didn’t believe we were there. I thought Eric was just trying to motivate us at a plateau by saying “we’re almost there.” But we really were there hallelujar.

Eric and his friend popped out a flask and a beer to celebrate at the top. The breeze and the view were nice. The descent was made easier by the walking sticks we picked up along the way.


We celebrated with In-N-Out and dessert from CREAM, and got haircuts at my mom’s barber shop.

Liberty Station/Shelter Island

At night, we went to Slater’s 50/50 and shared some apps (brussel sprouts, mac n cheese balls, and mac n cheese). I got Abita’s Purple Haze fruit beer.

At Stone Brewing, we had two flights of beer, followed by some bocce ball in their outdoor court.

Somehow, we ended up at Shelter Island, where we took some photos before heading home.


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