UCSD Alumni Day of Service

Victoria and I volunteered at UC San Diego’s Alumni Day of Service – Beautification Project at Oneonta Elementary in Imperial Beach.

You can read the Triton Magazine article here.

There were gardening and paint projects, and participants included Oneonta students, teachers, parents, UC San Diego affiliates, community members, and friends dragged along (i.e. non-UCSD alum Victoria). šŸ™‚

Victoria and I really wanted to paint the US map on the playground, but all those volunteer spots were filled so we painted bricks to decorateĀ one of the gardens that was also built that day. They told us to paint something that represented us and our interests.

Check out some of the cool bricks:

This was one of the first service projects I’d done in a while, and I didn’t expect thisĀ painting project to seem so… trivial? My time and labor could have been more useful in the gardening projects, but I’ve done so many volunteer gardening events that I wanted to try something new.

It was a fun experience, and a great introduction to leisure time volunteering for the elementary kids. The mayor also spoke of the importance of the butterfly garden, planting certain species, gardening practices, and the California drought (IB is proud of their dead, brown lawns).

The volunteer turnout was great and I’m sure the rest of the students and staff were pleasantly surprised on Monday to see the new changes to their school.


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UC San Diego grad with a double major in Economics and International Business. I was born and raised in sunny San Diego, but I love to travel (and eat) around the world.

One thought on “UCSD Alumni Day of Service”

  1. Well done! The bricks look great and it goes a long way for those that will be using it- and it’s great to try something new! Good work!


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