Miracles From Heaven Advance Screening

At Chelsea’s Run, I got free tickets to a movie screening of Miracles from Heaven from the radio station KyXy 96.5.

About the movie (non-spoiler):

Anna Beam (Kylie Rogers) lives with a rare, incurable disorder that leaves her unable to digest food. Despite the dire diagnosis, devoted mom Christy (Jennifer Garner) relentlessly searches for a way to save her beloved daughter.

I’m not religious and I hate religion being shoved down my throat, so I was hesitant about going to wait in line for the screening for an hour, but I had no other plans so I grabbed my book (for the wait) and went by myself.

My thoughts about the movie:


This is a Christian film. But not being Christian doesn’t have to prevent you from enjoying this movie.

Especially because of the doubt and loss of faith the mother experiences as she struggles to deal with her daughter’s condition.

It’s hard for the mother (and countless others) to accept the existence of God or other higher powers when such shitty things are happening in the world, and especially to one’s own family. This movie shows just that. It also shows how it’s easier to believe again when things get better, or that just knowing someone has faith makes it easier for them to deal with their hardships.

I have no shame admitting it: I cried. Several times.

Spoiler, kind of : the saddest part for me was when the daughter told her mom she just wanted to die so the pain would end (and she could go to Heaven).

The movie and book are based off a true story, so if the climax seems a bit crazy and ridiculous, it’s not due to a bad brainstorming session from the moviemakers – it’s due to bad parenting… (Jokes…)

If you read about the actual family (who they show photos of after the movie), or even read some of the movie summaries before watching, they’ll say what the climax is… I prefer having seen the movie without knowing, but even if you know what happens, the rising action is where all the tears are.

It was a good movie, very emotional.

If I had never seen it before:

  • Would I have paid to see it in theatres? No.
  • Would I buy the DVD? No.
  • Would I get it from Redbox? Sure. If my mom buys.
  • Would I watch it on Netflix? Yeah, ok. With family/best friend/people I’m comfortable crying with.

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    Read your post and totally wanna see this ovie.
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