My Volunteer Situation

I’m in an odd situation. The head of the NGO that I’m working for is off in Paris on vacation. The school center is out for the summer until June 28th. I have been assigned to work from home, with lots of work to do, but no set hours, and lots of distractions!


Yesterday, I walked over to GK-II (Greater Kailash) M Block Market because it’s a hip little place with lots of stores, restaurants, and cafes. I went to Café Coffee Day, a popular Indian chain, because they had AC and wifi. I ordered an Apple CaraMo (really sweet, but kind of tasty) and struggled connecting to their wifi. The day before, I was trying to get work done at home but the internet connection was timing out – not sure if it was my laptop or the wifi. As such, coming out to a café and having even more connection problems, as well as a half-broken laptop charger and outlet that didn’t work… a bit frustrating.


The servers came up to me twice asking if I wanted to order something else after I finished my coffee. I shook my head no. The second time, the girl was hesitant backing away, as if it was socially unacceptable to sit there alone sans beverage.

I was only there two hours total, and the wifi worked maybe half the time. Overall, I was glad I went out, found a restaurant, and was able to accomplish a little bit of work.

Today, I stayed at home all day and got a lot of work done on the website. I didn’t even need to order in food or go out and find a restaurant because I was so full from breakfast. I had a mango, chips, and Suparna gave me a delicious bowl of lychee ice cream.

The only downside of this arrangement is that I have been inside my room all day on my laptop. I finally pulled the plug on work after about 8 actual hours. And now, I get to relax… My choice method of which to do so being… sitting on my bed in my room on my laptop.


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UC San Diego grad with a double major in Economics and International Business. I was born and raised in sunny San Diego, but I love to travel (and eat) around the world.

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