Why India?

As many of you know, I will be in India for a month to volunteer full-time in Delhi (and sight-see in my spare time).

Why volunteer? 

With the month of spare time I allotted myself for international travel, I could have easily visited a wide range of cities and countries as just a tourist; instead, however, I decided to volunteer (thereby limiting the amount of time I have to visit tourist attractions).

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My Post-Grad Journey

How often have you thought to yourself: I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. 

Immediately after I graduated from UC San Diego in June 2015, that is not how I felt. I turned down UCLA and Cal to live at home and save money, only to learn that top companies I was interested in recruited at those campuses, but not UCSD.

I was able to study abroad in three cities and graduate with a double major, but my only work experiences were as a part-time admin assistant, orange chicken scooper, and popcorn popper. I never did an internship and my time abroad prevented me from being able to join the leadership teams of student orgs I was part of. I was doubtful that my study abroad programs and academic coursework were sufficient to make me a competitive candidate for my dream jobs.

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May 2016 Highlights

May was also a crazy good month.

Carlsbad Flower Fields

First time here! The weather had been pretty gloomy all day, but Amy knew it would turn around and–sure enough–the sun popped out at around 3pm and we were able to take great photos with the flower fields and my mom’s DLSR.

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Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Victoria and I finally made it out to Anza-Borrego for some good ol’ fashioned glamping! I’d never been camping before, and this was a great intro to camping (with facilities equipped with running water, sinks, bathrooms, and even hot showers for a fee).

Day 1: We drove out (2 hours), stopped at a viewpoint, the Visitor’s Center, set up our 7-person tent for the two and a half of us, checked out the sculptures, went to the liquor store in town, got firewood, then cooked dinner and S’mores over the campfire.

Funny story: we actually got stuck in the sand by the Indian Head sculpture and almost had to wait an hour for AAA in the middle of the desert, but were saved by a kind stranger and his Jeep and tugging rope.

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Three Sisters Falls

I loved the Three Sisters Falls trail! However, I will say that is is more challenging than many other San Diego hikes.

There is a very steep section with deep sand that will definitely get into your Nikes. You will get dusty and should wear sunglasses to prevent sand from getting in your eyes. It is also quite confusing getting to the falls because there is no clear signage (although some people have spray painted arrows on rocks). Best to go when there are others around so you can use the group-buddy system.

Bring a camera, lots of water, and a swim suit! (And watch out for snakes!) If you have time, go to Julian and get some pie a la mode.

Check out some of the photos I took with my iPhone 6s:

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