I love the holiday season. There’s just something about chilly nights and lights that make me adore this time of year.

In San Diego, we’ve been experiencing the dual reality of sun-filled days and nippy nights. Despite the lack of snow or even rain and cold most days, there are plenty of festive ways to spend the holidays in SD. Here’s how I have spent mine:  Continue reading Christinamas


Anthem, Arizona

Before our dear sister, Cathy, departed San Diego for Arizona before departing for Maryland on a cross-country road trip, dear sister Amy had the grand idea of taking the weekend off to visit her in Anthem, Arizona (where the in-laws reside). I had already been in the summer, but this would be Amy’s first time there and one last way to prolong our separation.

Here are highlights from my last visit, June 29 – July 4:

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I stumbled upon this article about networking: 19 Tips That Will Make You a Networking Master

Stand-outs from the article, for me:

  • Set a goal for each event
    • eg. meet 5 new people, start 3 conversations
  • Ask open-ended questions (I’ve read this elsewhere as well)
    • How’d you get started v. How long have you worked there?
    • What do you like to do outside of work?
  • Use a non-awkward closer
    • “It’s been so great chatting with you, but I have a few more people to connect with.”
  • Get contact info and jot down notes about each person/conversation

But the tip that stood out the most to me: Continue reading Networking

Founders Symposium 2015

UC San Diego’s annual Founders Celebration was in mid-November, and–for the first time since I became a Triton–I learned about and attended the Founders Symposium on November 12, 2015 (yes, this post is very belated).

The evening began with a reception and a poster showcase featuring undergraduates and their innovative research. After partaking of the delicious hors d’ouerves and cider mocktails, I was able to talk to a couple of students about the programs they were involved in.

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